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Cal Poly ARCE News

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Al Estes and Jessica Otten visit Industry Partners in the Los Angeles Area

July 9-10, 2019

ARCE Department Head Al Estes and CAED Senior Director for Development Jessica Otten visited industry partners in the Los Angeles area on July 9-10.
















The first visit was lunch with John Labib, Principal and Founder of John Labib and Associates (JLA). In addition to thanking him for the latest ARCE scholarship, we made initial plans to host an ARCE alumni event at his office.













The next visit was with Martin Guzman (ARCE 2009) who recently became a Principal at C.W. Howe and Associates in Culver City. Al and Jessica next met with Kurt Clandening (ARCE 1987) and Kal Benuska (ARCE 1985) who both recently became partners in John A. Martin and Associates (JAMA) to discuss their future involvement with the ARCE program.












The next visit was the new LPA office in Irvine for a lunch meeting with Bryan Seamer who just finished a tour on the ARCE Advisory Board, Kirk Snell (ARCE 2002), and Lindsay Hayward to discuss the LPA-sponsored interdisciplinary studios that will occur in fall and winter quarters of the upcoming year.









Finally, Al and Jessica met with Nick Murphy (ARCE 2004) and Managing Principal Roger Young at the Irvine office of kpff to discuss the on-going renovation of the kpff-sponsored computer laboratory.  The Irvine kpff office has hired a large number of recent ARCE graduates to include Alejandro Lopez (2016), Brad Stevens (2012), Stewart Hooks (2017), Alan Tonissen (2009), Adrian Saraf (2017), Andy Vallejo (2013), Marketa Jelinkova (2016, Master’s), and Lacy Williams (2016).

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