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Lithuania Study Abroad

To see more photos from the Study Abroad program in Lithuania, click here or on the photo above!


Check out a video from the Summer 2017 trip above!


Studying Abroad as an Architectural Engineering Student

As an Architectural Engineering student at Cal Poly, there are very few opportunities to study abroad because of the time intensive and rigorous nature of the program. Most students cannot afford to take a quarter off to study abroad during the school year. Luckily there is an opportunity to study abroad during the Summer Quarter in Vilnius Lithuania! This is a great opportunity for rising third year students to get ahead in your ARCE curriculum upon the beginning of the next school year. It is the only Cal Poly study abroad program that intermingles American students with Lithuanian ones through a collaborative work environment.

Every year the ARCE department partners with Vilnius Gedimas Technical University (VGTU), the biggest technical university in Lithuania, for this 5 week course. For more information about VGTU, click here. Two summers ago, there were 11 American students (9 Architectural Engineers (ARCE), 1 Architecture with an ARCE minor, and 1 Civil Engineer) and this past summer 25 American ARCE’s went on the trip.

This year the trip will be led by Peter Laursen, Brent Nuttal, and Anahid Behrouzi and is tentatively scheduled for July of 2022 in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Vilnius is a beautifully preserved historic city with one of the largest Old Town Centers in Europe. Vilnius is a safe, affordable place to be with excellent public transportation health facilities, an international airport and extensive railway lines. Lithuania is the geometric center of Europe, on the shore of the Baltic Sea. 


The ARCE students take 3 classes:

  • ARCE 302 - Indeterminate Structural Analysis (3 units)
  • ARCE 352 - Structural Computing Analysis (Co-requisite for ARCE 302) (1 unit)
  • ARCE 371 - Structural Systems Laboratory (3 units)


It is required to have earned a C+ or better in all of the following coursework:

  • ARCE 227 - Structures III (2 units)
  • ARCE 223 - Mechanics of Structural Members (3 units)
  • ARCE 224 - Mechanics of Structural Members Laboratory (Co-Requisite for ARCE 223) (1 unit)


The application for Summer Quarter 2022 opens on December 1st, 2021!

Click here for an overview of the program.


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