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The ARCE department has both need-based and merit-based scholarships. To qualify for need-based ARCE Scholarships, applicants must have applied for FAFSA. Cal Poly's priority filing deadline is TBD.  If you missed the deadline for the FAFSA you can still be eligible for merit based scholarships!

Scholarships will be formally presented at the ARCE Scholarship Luncheon. 

Look at previous scholarship recipient photos here!

Internal Scholarships

Below are listed the internal scholarships. Click on a scholarship to learn more information about it, but you must still apply through your Cal Poly portal. 

  Just log onto your portal and access the app under the Apps section on the side of the home screen.

The deadline for applying for ARCE Scholarships is TBD at 11:59pm.

Every year, we also award one scholarship sponsor the "ARCY Award," an award for the best video presentation of the company's scholarship! For more information about the ARCY Award, details on how to enter, and past winners click here!

ARCE Scholarships Amount

Emanuele Barelli Structural Engineer Scholarship Endowment

1 x $1,050
Forell/Elsesser Engineers Scholarship 1 x $1,000
Carson Starkey Memorial Scholarship 1 x $1,500
Paul F. Fratessa Memorial Scholarship 1 x $1,000
Hans Mager Scholarship 1 x $1,200
D'Abreau Family Foundation Scholarship 1 x $1,500
John Labib & Associates Structural Engineers Scholarship 1 x $1,500
KNA Senior Project Grant 1 x $1,500
CYS Structural Engineering Eugene Cole Scholarship 1 x $3,000
KPFF Scholarship 1 x $1,500

CAED Scholarships

Castagna Scholarship 10 x $15,000

Evelyn & Harold Hay Fund Award

2 x $1,350
12-18 x $1000 each

Robin L. Rossi Award 

2-6 x $1500

External Scholarships

There are many more scholarships available for ARCE students! These scholarships become available at different times throughout the year, so keep checking to see what's available. 

To access the Cal Poly External Scholarship Bulletin Board, click here!

Fall Quarter Deadlines

Scholarships Amount Deadline
YICC Scholarship Multiple x $2,000 TBD
Kids Car Donations STEM Scholarship 1 x $1,000, 2 x $250 TBD
ACI Scholarships 5+ x $5,000 11/22/2022
ACI Fellowships 10+ x $10,000-$15,000 11/22/2022
SEF Research Grant $3,000 12/31/2022
Parkmerced Scholarship 2 x $1,000 TBD

Winter Quarter Deadlines

Scholarships Amount Deadline
SEAOSC Scholarship 2023 $800-$2,000 01/25/2023
SEAW Scholarship (Opens Jan. 2023) Multiple x $5,000 02/28/2023
Degenkolb Engineers Scholarship and Internship $3,000 TBD
SOM Travel Fellowship $20,000 TBD
ASCE Scholarships 20 x $2,500-$5,000 02/10/2023
PG&E Scholarships 200 x $1,000-$10,000 TBD
SWE Scholarships (Freshman) 200+ varies 03/20/2023
SWE Scholarships (Sophomore and above) 200+ varies 02/01/2023
Simpson Strong-Tie Scholarships 100 x $2,000 TBD
NPCA Foundation Scholarships $2,500-$14,500 03/10/2023
DBIA-Western Pacific Scholarship 12 x $4,000 TBD

Spring Quarter Deadlines

Scholarships Amount Deadline
CRSI Undergrad Scholarship 5+ x $3,000 TBD
CCCICC Scholarship 2 x $1,500 TBD
Crew Network Scholarship 20 x $5,000 TBD
NCSEA Diversity In Structural Engineering Scholarship $5,000 - Multiple TBD
Mather Scholarship 1 x $7500 TBD
AISC Foundation Scholarships 25 x $2,000-$5,000 TBD
EERI Graduate Fellowship 2 x $12,000 TBD
Age Matters Scholarship $1,500 TBD
CMACN Scholarships (Eng) $500 - Multiple TBD
CMACN Scholarships (Arch) $500 - Multiple TBD
Ben Fry Memorial Scholarship $2,000 TBD
Assoc. for Women in Arch (AWAF) Scholarship 3 x $2,500 TBD
AAa/E Foundation Scholarships and Grants  $5,000 - Multiple TBD
APA Tom Cory Scholarship $2,000 TBD
RDH Research Scholarship $2,000-$10,000 TBD
SEAOC YMF Convention Stipend 15+ x $750 TBD
SEAOC College of Fellows Scholar $5,000 TBD
SEAOC Research Initiative $500 - Multiple TBD



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