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Incoming students have an individual electronic folder on OneDrive and have shared access to this folder. All students have an assigned academic advisor. A listing of assigned advisors for each student, advisor contact information, office hours and location is posted in the hallway outside of the Department Office (Building 21 Room 110A).

The Mustang Success Center serves as a first year advising center for Freshmen of all majors. More information can be found here.

Current Sophomores (or any student who has not passed ARCE 302) are required to meet with their advisor once per quarter. Failure to meet advising requirements as communicated by email from Department Staff will result in a registration hold. Students are highly encouraged to continue academic advising after their junior year as needed.


The ARCE flowchart summarizes the courses required for graduation as well as highlights a recommended course sequence for successful graduation.  Most courses have pre-requisites so course sequencing is imperative.

The most current undergraduate flowchart and curriculum sheet is the 2022-26 ARCE Flowchart, which can be found here.

C- Grading Policy

All ARCE majors must obtain a grade of C- or better in an ARCE course that is a prerequisite for another ARCE course. 


College of Architecture and Environmental Design Minors

Several minors are offered within the College of Architecture and Environmental Design for students seeking to compliment or bolster their undergraduate major. A list of those minors and more information can be found here.

Architectural Engineering Minor

The minor is designed for students wishing to pursue a more in-depth education in structures. The coursework exposes students to analytical, design, and construction issues relevant to the structural design process. The program is tailored for students majoring in architecture and construction management.

  • No student will be accepted into the minor until ARCE 211 has been completed.
  • ARCE Minor students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in the minor courses.
  • No courses in the ARCE Minor may be graded CR/NC.
  • You must declare either the “Analysis” or “Design” option for the ARCE minor when applying.

To apply for the ARCE Minor please click here. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the Architectural Engineering Department by email at arce@calpoly.edu or by phone at 805.756.1314.

For a list of required courses, please click here.

Other Cal Poly Minors

A list of all Minors offered at Cal Poly can be found here.

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