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The ARCE Department holds its own support facilities to enhance "learn-by-doing" experience for our engineering students. The ARCE students are also encouraged to use facilities made available through CAED throughout Cal Poly learning experience. CAED support facilities are listed right below the ARCE support facilities.

**Printers: ARCE Department has its own large-format plotters as well as copy machines accessible only for ARCE students. But the students can also utilize Poly Prints located in the Kennedy Library for other types of printing/binding/paper. Click HERE for Poly Prints Web Page.

Undergraduate Facilities

Lecture Classrooms

Profile Image



Labib+Funk Associates Lab

(A Lab)

Sponsored by: Labib+Funk Associates

This is one of the classroom spaces in the Architectural Engineering hallway. This lab is used for teaching, SEAOC meetings, and conference purposes.

Materials Design Laboratories

There are currently four materials designs laboratories dedicated to the ARCE program. These four labs are the core teaching rooms for the program and are industry sponsored. Each is set up with large drafting style tables with storage below.  The rooms contain at least 16 such tables (some contain as many as 18), large chalkboard space, overhead projector, slide projector, wireless access, extra lockers and shelves, and kitchenette. These labs are used for the program’s design laboratory classes, which generally meet three times per week for three hours each meeting.   The favorable student/faculty ratio allows for one-on-one faculty to student contact that is needed for the success of the program.

Profile Image




MiTek Lab (B Lab)

Sponsored by: SidePlate Systems


Profile Image




Hilti (D Lab)

Sponsored by: Hilti
Profile Image



Simpson Strong-Tie Lab (E Lab)

Sponsored by: Simpson Strong-Tie


Graduate Facilities

Profile Image



Degenkolb Graduate Lab Lecture Space

Sponsored by: Degenkolb Engineers
Profile Image




Degenkolb Graduate Lab

Sponsored by: Degenkolb Engineers

ARCE Support Facilities

Computer Laboratories

Profile Image


The department has one computer teaching facility (Room 122C) that is set up for 16 students and an instructor for the purpose of teaching the four computer skills courses in the program. It is sponsored by KPFF.

Profile Image


CSI Computer Lab

The program also maintains and operates an additional computer lab (CSI Lab) available primarily to upper division students for advanced studies and interdisciplinary work with construction management students.  In addition, the teaching labs all have several computers on the side walls that are available to students.

Materials Testing Laboratories

Profile Image


Seismic Lab & Shake Table

The seismic lab contains a classroom space for 16 students and houses a large instructional shake table. The experimental lab contains a classroom space for 30 students and 5 workstations. The workstations are set up primarily with small-scale test machines and, in the future, will be wired for full "smart-room" capability.  Also in this facility is a small shake table and several testing machines including two new electromechanical testing machines.

Profile Image







Electromechanical Testing Machine


Profile Image

High Bay Laboratory

The High Bay lab is the main experimental facility.  The space has classroom space for 16 students, a tension/compression machine and a strong floor area with a jacking frame for research work.  The high bay area serves as the construction and testing facility for a majority of the experimentally focused senior projects.  Plans for this area include the addition of a strong wall and electronic support for cyclic testing and data recovery.

Profile Image




Concrete Yard

The concrete yard is an experimental assembly and project use area. 


Profile Image







Tension/Compression Machine


Profile Image




Tension/Compression Data Receiver


Profile Image


Concrete Lab Work Tables

The concrete lab is shared with the construction management department.  This lab is supplied with all the tools needed to mix and place concrete.  The primary use for this facility is ARCE 444 and ARCE 452 and senior projects.

Profile Image



Soils/Foundation Lab

The program maintains and operates three experimental labs and shares a fourth with construction management.   

Profile Image



Simpson Strong-Tie Materials Demonstration Lab


CAED Support Facilities

The CAED supports the following facilities as resources for all students in the college. The basic contact, location and schedule information is provided below as a quick reference.

Additional information can be found by using the links below to go to the facility page within the CAED web site.

Profile Image

Paul & Verla Neel Resource Center (NRC)

NRC Director:
Robert Arens
Email: rarens@calpoly.edu
Phone: 805.756.1444

Profile Image

CAED Photo Presentation Facility

Contact: Josef Kasperovich
Email: jkaspero@calpoly.edu
Phone: 805.756.1342

Profile Image

CAED Support Shop

Contact: Dave Kempken
Email: dkempken@calpoly.edu
Phone: 805.756.2720


Profile Image

Poly Canyon

Contact: Al Estes 
Email: acestes@calpoly.edu
Phone: 805.756.2720









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