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Professional Positions

Job Postings

More details on the professional positions listed below are posted in ARCE Building main hallway.

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If you are an employer who would like to have an available position posted on this page, please send an email to arce@calpoly.edu with the subject line "Professional Position" that contains the link to the web advertisement or the following information in the message body: 

  • Company Name
  • Position Title
  • Position Location
  • Deadline to Apply (If "Until Filled" is specified as the deadline, the posting will be removed after 6 months)
  • Contact Person, Email/Phone
  • Position Description (500 word maximum)


Position Firm/Company Location Date Posted Deadline to apply
Intern RGSE, Inc. Simi Valley, CA 11-29-2021 Until Filled
Intern Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group Clovis, CA 11-17-2021 Until Filled
Structural Intern Tesla Motors, Inc. Fremont, CA 09-14-2021 Until Filled

Full Time Positions

Position Firm/Company Location Date Posted   Deadline to apply
Architectural Design Professional HKS, Inc. Multiple 11-30-2021 Until Filled
Job Captain HKS, Inc. Multiple 11-30-2021 Until Filled
Project Architect HKS, Inc. Multiple 11-30-2021 Until Filled
Full Time Structural Engineer RGSE, Inc. Simi Valley, CA 11-29-2021 Until Filled
Structural Project Engineer DCI Engineers San Francisco, CA 11-17-2021 12-31-2021
Assistant Engineer – Full Time EIT Provost & Pritchard Consulting Group Clovis, CA 11-17-2021 Until Filled
Entry-Level Structural Designer Darin Fong and Associates, Inc. Brea, CA 11-17-2021 Until Filled
Assistant Structural Engineer 4x Engineering, Inc. San Jose, CA 10-13-2021 Until Filled
Junior Structural Engineer Bermello Ajamil & Partners, Inc. New York, NY 09-30-2021 Until Filled
Structural Engineer Summit Engineering, Inc. Santa Rosa, CA 09-07-2021 Until Filled
Project/Senior Engineer Linchpin Structural Engineering Truckee, CA 08-24-2021 Until Filled
Design Engineer Ryan Joyce Structural Design San Francisco, CA 08-20-2021 Until Filled
Entry-level Structural Engineer Doyle-Morgan Structural Engineer, Inc. Santa Barbara, CA 08-12-2021 Until Filled
Structural Engineer Bevier Structural Engineering Sacramento, CA 07-15-2021 10-15-2021
Electrical Designer I Rizza Engineering, Inc. Poway, CA 06-16-2021 Until Filled
Structural Engineer M.E. Designs Paso Robles, CA 06-09-2021 Until Filled

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