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Professional Positions

Job Postings

More details on the professional positions listed below are posted in ARCE Building main hallway.

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If you are an employer who would like to have an available position posted on this page, please send an email to arce@calpoly.edu with the subject line "Professional Position" that contains the following information in the message body:

  • Company Name
  • Position Title
  • Position Location
  • Date Sent/Posted
  • Deadline to Apply (If "Until Filled" is specified as the deadline, the posting will be removed after 6 months)
  • Contact Person
  • Contact Phone
  • Contact Fax
  • Contact Email
  • Company Web Site
  • Link To Advertisement
  • Position Description (500 word maximum)
  • Optional: Company Logo or Artwork


Position Firm/Company Location Date Posted Deadline to apply
Structural Engineering Intern Morris Shaffer Engineering San Carlos, CA 3-18-19 Until Filled
Structural Engineering Intern Forell-Elsesser Engineers San Francisco, CA 3-4-19 Until Filled
Post-Grad Intern Maffei Structural Engineering San Francisco, CA 10-12-2018 Until Filled
Structural Engineering Intern JCE Structural Engineering Group, Inc. Pasadena, CA 9-24-2018 Until Filled

Full Time Positions

Position Firm/Company Location Date Posted   Deadline to apply
Structural EIT Zeltmacher Structural Design Engineering Visalia, CA 3-6-19 Until Filled
Entry Level Structural Engineer Coffman Engineers Newport & San Diego, CA 12-05-2018 Until Filled
Structural Engineer HED  Sacramento, CA 11-30-2018 Until Filled
Project & Cost Manager Gardiner & Theobald Los Angeles, CA 10-15-2018 Until Filled
Entry Level Engineer Degenkolb Multiple 10-08-2018 Until Filled
Structural EIT Mackenzie Structural Portland, Oregon 10-5-2018 Until Filled
Senior/Lead Engineer Solid Plan Engineering San Diego, CA 9-24-2018 Until Filled
Structural Designer JCE Structural Engineering Group, Inc. Pasadena, CA 9-24-2018 Until Filled

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