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John Labib & Associates Scholarship

JLA is a leading structural engineering firm in the L.A. area that proudly hires many ARCE grads.

Candidate Qualifications

Junior standing or higher. The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of the design of a small single family residence. Your strengths in design should show through the decisions you make in the completion of the framing plans.


  • 1 x $1,500¬†

Additional Requirements

Please see the attached document for the application process.

Selection Process

The selection will be made by the ARCE scholarship committee in conjunction with representatives of John Labib & Associates.

Applicants will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Critical decision making when laying out the lateral and gravity systems
  • Explanation of significant decisions
  • Legibility, organization, and presentation of the framing plans
  • Practicality/efficiency of the framing specified. Design within the parameters.
  • Design within the parameters

Previous Award Recipients

2021 Recipients: Claudia Zapata-Kraft

2020 Recipients: Faith Sharp, Thomas Little

2019 Recipients: Marin Govett, Michael Ayers

2018 Recipients: Ben Sykes, Anna Sy, Nate Moore

2017 Recipients: Sophia Abshire, Michael Blanchard & Brooke Lipsey

2016 Recipients: Kate Cuddington, Katie Eberle & Zach Cooperband

More Information

Go to the John Labib & Associates web site

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