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Order of the Engineer Ceremony

Generously sponsored by Barrish Pelham

Countdown Until Graduation



Order of the Engineer Ceremony

The Order of the Engineer was initiated in the United States to foster a spirit of pride and responsibility in the engineering profession, to bridge the gap between training and experience, and to present to the public a visible symbol identifying the engineer.

The first ceremony was held on June 4, 1970 at Cleveland State University. Since then, similar ceremonies have been held across the United States at which graduate and registered engineers are invited to accept the Obligation of the Engineer and a stainless steel ring. The ceremonies are conducted by Links (local sections) of the Order.

The Order is not a membership organization; there are never any meetings to attend or dues to pay. Instead, the Order fosters a unity of purpose and the honoring of one’s pledge lifelong.

See the Order of the Engineer Website for more details

Information about the Ceremony

What: A ceremony to celebrate your entrance into the professional engineering world. The Order fosters a unity of purpose and the honoring of one’s pledge lifelong. You can learn more about the ceremony here! 

When: June 17, 2018 at 11:45 AM

Where: KTGY Gallery/ARCE Courtyard

Who: All graduating ARCE students and their family, friends and loved ones.

Current Seniors

Please visit Adriana in the front office to complete your registration for the ceremony! You should complete these three things:

  1. Get the correct size ring for the pinkie finger of your writing hand.  We will be placing a stainless steel ring on that finger as part of the Order of the Engineer Ceremony and we want it to fit.
  2. Complete the Career Services survey that provides the university with your status of employment and where you will be heading after graduation.  It is this survey that allows us to report starting salaries, places of employment and how many are going directly to grad school.  It is important data that lots of people want to know.
  3. Finally, the department requests that you make a voluntary donation to the ARCE department. The Order of the Engineer recognizes your transition from student to professional.  Every one of you has benefitted from the generosity of donors during your education in the ARCE department.  Many of you have received scholarships, support for your senior project, or travel support to workshops, conferences, or competitions.  Donors have provided all of you with improved lab facilities, concrete code books, masonry materials, and free meals at selected events.  It is my hope that you will do the same for those that go after you and will start with a small donation to the department to get you started.

Fall 2017 Inductees

Ariana Alaniz
Emma Barraza
Kim Bocanegra
Hunter Caldwell

Kimberly Dung

Erin Dupree
Dennis Johnston
Dennise Manalo
David Nunez
Trent Pichel
Paul Ponciano
Kristy Sanchez
Damon Williams

Adrian Saraf

Spring 2017 Inductees

Erika Davis
Sarah Dowthwaite
Andy Do
Hannah Rogers
Erika DiLeva
Lindsey Kuster
Jocelyn Lu
Carla Simental
Onessa Anastasio
Kiersten Bakke
Megan Morgan
Kristen Pang
Kaylee Efstathiu
Halee Sabourin
Patrick Brutzman
Jacob Holmes
Dewan Hoque
Keslyn Huntington
Kevin Lee
Mika Marsh
Katie Eberle
Jami Hahn
Tyler Pizarro
Rebecca Winning
Peter Aster
Christopher Martinez
Katie Mayer
Lucas Rivarola
Noradeli Villanueva
Kevin Chiang
Alex Remiticado
Alex Schall
Enrico Alvaro
Christopher Carter
Emmanuel Castrano
Joseph Cervantes
Ryan Llamas
Adam MacLean
Sonny Moraga
Amy Poehlitz
Jonathan Tenley
Isaac Cameron
Aaron Cook
Alex Erler
Karen Freda
Ryan Lefebvre
Nicholas Lewis
Ty St. Germain
Josh Cannon
Spencer Dilley
Tim Gachot
Nick Gasparini
Cameron Lober
Jon McCall
Simon Ng
Stewart Hooks
Jack Robinson
Julian Reyes
Alma Lopez

Kate Cuddington

Fall 2016 Inductees

Guillermo Davila-Bernardez
Kristina Lam
Alfredo Jr. Ramos
Hao Zhang
Fen Wang
Jacob Hinshaw

Jordan Gates

Spring 2016 Inductees

Samantha Taylor
Diane Lee
Angelica Quach
Kaele Snapp
Dani Rustagi
Natacha Reed
Madison Busby
Satiya Taeidi
Kylin Vail
Ashley Gaur
Yue Quan
Sheela Vedula
Andrea Fernandez
Jen Briggs
Anthony Tiapon
GeeHyun Park
Julio Mendoza
Alejandro Lopez
Emily Setoudeh
Lacy Williams
Natalie Gibbons
Anthony Keshishian
Kevin Marx
Alexi Kouromenos
Paul Truong
Gilbert Garcia
Samra Wali
Parbi Boodaghian
Jessica Ellis
Brianna Kufa
Kevin Church
Peter Inman
Nick Reindel
John Lawson
Sean Westphal
Nate Hall
Nick Petrarca
Christian Consalvo
Michael Bauer
Jacob Ludeman
Kendall Johnson
Alec Zavala
Blake Reeve
Aaron Boucher
Priscilla Rodriguez
Fredrik Svendsen
Elvis Hernandez Garcia
Marketa Jelinkova


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