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Structural Engineering Students for Humanity (SESH)

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This past summer, a group of students and faculty went to the seismically active region of Pedernales, Ecuador. Our team partnered with Miyamoto Engineering to assist the effected community in the design and construction of bamboo structures. 

If you are interested in sponsoring SESH click here.

Please email seshinslo@gmail.com if you have any questions!

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This year SESH is a comprised of 15 Architectural Engineering students and one faculty advisor, with a collective mission to aid communities affected by natural disasters through humanitarian structural engineering.

SESH strives to experience first-hand the effects of poorly designed buildings in seismically active areas, to gain knowledge on building methods and building materials in another region of the world, and to use incorporate learned engineering and construction practices outside of the classroom in a place recently affected by disaster. Our goal is to connect with the local people and communities through the built environment.

Together SESH works alongside Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief on social impact projects around the world. Students will get the opportunity to aid Miyamoto Relief with damage mapping and developing retrofit schemes in order to maintain the historical and architectural integrity of the structures they work on.

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Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization pioneered by Dr. Kit Miyamoto. Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief works to save lives by encouraging adherence to international building standards in developing countries through public education, technical seminars for builders and demonstration projects. More importantly, their work helps to prevent further structural failures due to a lack of engineering knowledge, improper building practices and substandard materials. Miyamoto Relief was created to improve the structural safety of schools and other buildings and to provide structural engineering assistance to communities hit by disaster. After a disaster, Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief sends teams of engineers to help people and communities begin repairing and rebuilding their lives and livelihoods. Currently, our efforts are directed towards rebuilding and seismically strengthening schools in Haiti and Nepal.

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At the end of the summer, our SESH team along with professor James Mwangi traveled to Myanmar led by trip leaders Robert Garland and Leah George. The team partnered with Miyamoto Relief to work on seismic retrofits of college buildings in the city of Yangon. After the projects were completed the team traveled to Bagan, Myanmar to tour the temples.

View photos of the trip on our Instagram

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At the beginning of September, a group of 15 students and professor Peter Laursen ​​​embarked on a two week journey to Kathmandu Nepal led by trip leaders Jenna Williams & Elyssa Adams.  While there, they had the opportunity to work on a couple humanitarian projects with Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief with the end goal of a seismic rehabilitation of these structures that were greatly affected in the 2015 earthquake. Click below to read more!

SESH 2019 Recap Newsletter

View photos of the trip on our Instagram



To learn more about Miyamoto Global Disaster Relief, please visit their website.

To learn more about SESH, please visit our facebook page.

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